AIH and Covid-19

It has been an unsettling time for everyone over the last few weeks – but especially for those AIH patients asked by the UK government to ‘shield’ themselves to help protect them from the covid-19 virus. The instructions and guidance have been changing but at last it seems relatively settled.

Full details for those people with AIH in the UK can be found via the following links:

 UK government covid-19 information

Covid-19 information for those in Scotland

Covid-19 information for those in Wales

Covid-19 Information for those in N Ireland

And there is up to date covid-19 advice for patients with liver disease here
British Liver Trust

What is AIH?

Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is an uncommon condition whereby someone’s immune system attacks their liver. It is a controllable condition but cannot at this stage be cured. More information can be found here.


‘Chat’ to others with AIH – Join our Facebook Group!

We have a closed Facebook group (which means only those in the group can see your posts. So if you want to ‘chat’ with others with AIH, share experiences etc then do consider joining. Membership is restricted to those who have AIH or have friends/relatives with the condition.

The link to the group is here.

AIH UK Facebook Group


Look forward to ‘seeing’ you there.